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An Object-Oriented Approach to Advanced Information Fusion


Information fusion, or the ability to enrich Big Data assets with Fast Data, is evolving in more and more applications due to technological advancements in harnessing time-series data— the very data that will deliver the most value for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

This white paper begins with a brief overview of leading Big Data and Fast Data technologies, then discusses the various types of time-series data, related analytic techniques, and the technical challenges involved. After laying the groundwork, two use cases will be presented as they relate to IIoT, particularly within the industries of oil and gas and logistics.


For data architects and analysts interested in time-series analysis, a comparison of currently available technologies—both open-source and commercial—will be provided. Special attention will be paid to an object-oriented approach before summarizing how to select the right technology for building an advanced information fusion platform.