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Financial Data and Next Generation Graph Technology

Financial Data and Next Generation Graph Technology – June 21, 2016

About the Webinar

As more market and transaction data comes in from numerous devices and other sources, financial institutions are facing technical challenges when it comes to discovering patterns and connections in time within large datasets. Organizations now demand smarter analytics tools to immediately respond to changing markets, compliance issues, and financial fraud. The financial services industry requires solutions that can rapidly process data to enable immediate decision making.

We invite you to join our webinar, “Financial Data and Next Generation Graph Technology” In this webinar, Oktay Technology’s CEO, Steve Yatko, will provide an industry perspective on how big and fast data are positioning Wall Street to once again use technology as a business differentiator. This next generation of informatics is creating a revolution with emerging technologies, such as graph, playing a significant role in support of machine learning and data analytics. Objectivity’s Senior Field Engineer, Peter Milne, will discuss how to solve some of these large, complex data challenges by using the only graph technology that can ingest and query highly connected data on a massive scale.

About the Speakers

photoSteve Yatko is the founder and CEO of Oktay Technology. Steve was Managing Director and Global Head of the IT R&D at Credit Suisse including over 14 years of driving innovative technology into solutions that differentiated Credit Suisse’s Trading and Analytics technology platform. In this role, Steve was responsible for setting the direction of the entire firm’s next generation computing environment across all of its IT divisions. During his tenure at Credit Suisse, Steve also served as CTO of the Investment Bank in charge of Mission Critical Systems, including the development and architecture of the firm’s World Class Global Equity Trading and Analytic system, Agora and Oman.

Throughout his career, Steve has worked closely with serial Entrepreneurs, top Venture Capital firms around the world, and some of the world’s largest technology providers including being a selected member of several CTO Advisory boards such as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, EMC, HP, IBM Research, Veritas, and Cisco. Steve is also co-founder & Strategic Tech Advisor of AcordIQ. Additionally, Steve is also CEO and co-founder of YSBnow and a Strategic Technology Advisor to Forkcast. Steve was also a co-founder of DynamicOps, a Credit Suisse spinout acquired by Vmware.

Peter Milne, Senior Field Engineer at Objectivity, has been involved with many conferences and projects since he joined. He has participated in financial, technical publications, demonstrations, and customer engagements. Before Objectivity, Peter conducted business and evangelized in 19 countries for Aerospike. He has also served as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ITerative Consulting, as the head of consulting and education divisions of Forte Software, and as a principal consultant with Digital Equipment Corporation. Peter began his career with Wang Labs in Australia, as a hardware engineer in the Asia Pacific region. He eventually became a software engineer at Wang R&D in Lowell, Mass., where he helped to develop one of the first commercial email systems.