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A Massively Scalable Graph Platform Designed for Complex Data Ingest and Query

ThingSpan in Financial SErvices White PAper
ThingSpan in Financial Services White Paper


In recent years, organizations within the financial services are adopting graph technologies to solve some of their most complex Big Data problems. Organizations are learning that the relationships between data points are often more valuable than the Big Data itself. Real-time data analysis is critical to financial services companies, in order to prevent fraud or loss, organizations can leverage graph analytics to find relationships within and between multiple sources of massive, complex data within stock trading, financial transactions, and market data at speed and scale. With Objectivity’s ThingSpan, an enterprise-grade, massively scalable distributed platform integrated with Apache Spark, Kafka, YARN, and HDFS for graph analytics and real-time relationship discovery, organizations can easily navigate or traverse performance by leveraging ThingSpan’s pattern-finding capabilities. 


To learn more about how organizations within the financial services industry can leverage graph analytics technologies for real-time relationship discovery, please download “ThingSpan Technical Financial White Paper.”