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In recent years, big data analytics has evolved from analytics on data-at-rest, to analytics on data-in-motion. Massive volumes of data are flowing through systems running complex analytic algorithms on the streaming data to look for patterns, trends, opportunities, and threats. The analytics capabilities have also improved and evolved as well. Advances in graph technologies allow analytic applications to discover hidden connections within large data sets and provide valuable insights to improve operations.

In this webinar “Leveraging Graph Technology for High Speed Analytics in the Defense and Intelligence Sectors,” Objectivity’s Senior Field Engineer, Daniel Hall, discusses and shows a demo of how an Apache SPARK-enabled graph analytics platform provides complex relationship analytics at speed and scale to help identify and understand emerging mission threats as well as mission opportunities.


About the Speaker

  Daniel Hall is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience designing and building applications to solve complex problems. He started his career in the intelligence community where he spent time working on record communications systems and software and process improvement initiatives.
He joined CTX/Mantech in 2000 where he served as the technical lead for a team of engineers deploying state-of-the-art analytical tools for intelligence analysts. Shortly after 9/11 Mr. Hall was tasked to build a large-scale link analysis architecture where he used Objectivity’s technology as the repository.
For the last decade he has worked as a field engineer for Objectivity. In that time, he has worked on many customer applications, the bulk of which have been focused on multi-source data fusion and high-speed link analysis using Objectivity’s technologies.


Leveraging Graph Technology for High Speed Analytics in the Defense and Intelligence Sectors

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