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Ingesting and querying data with rates in the billions of events per day is a challenge for organizations that require information in real-time.  In this webinar, “Managing Large Scale Financial Time-Series Data with Graphs”, Ibrahim Sallam of Objectivity, Inc. will demonstrate how a platform for graph analytics uncovers patterns and insights within large, complex data sets in order to make efficient decisions. The presentation and live demo will show:

  • How billions of transaction events are ingested into a distributed graph in hours on an Amazon EC2 cluster
  • How distributed navigational queries and patterns are discovered in parallel
  • How the graph adds analytical value beyond statistics to show the actual behavior of the transactions when doing sub-graph similarity
  • A simple and powerful interface to query data without having to write or compile code


About the Speaker

Ibrahim Sallam

Vice President, Field Services

Ibrahim has been with Objectivity, Inc. since 2000, and has worked in the industry since 1988 with various roles in software development. He joined Objectivity as a Systems Engineer before being promoted to Senior Software Engineer, and then to Software Architect. Ibrahim has also held roles as the Director and Vice President of Development and Technical Publications. Ibrahim now works as the Vice President of Field Services helping customers architect and implement enterprise platforms for large scale graph analytics. 
Prior to Objectivity, Ibrahim worked in geospatial software development for the product that eventually became Autodesk GIS Design Server, was part of the development teams at CorelDraw and Unisys, and also helped build decision support systems for the government. Ibrahim holds a B.Sc. in Systems and Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and EE Diploma from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Managing Large Scale Financial Time-Series Data with Graphs

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